What to Know About Wholesale Carpet

whole-sale /ˈhōlˌsāl/
The selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed by others.

Wholesale means the price that a manufacturer offers to retailers. We get wholesale prices on carpet. We keep our overhead so low that we can offer wholesale pricing to our customers.

Other carpet stores have lots of overhead: they have expensive locations that cost thousands of dollars a month to lease and maintain. We keep our costs low by having a carpet warehouse: this allows us to pass those thousands of dollars of savings to our customers and still make a profit.

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If you’re not buying wholesale carpet, you’re buying retail carpet. If you’re buying retail carpet, you’re paying too much.
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Carpet Installation Red Flags

Carpet InstallationCarpet buyers in Denver generally get their carpet installed by the company that sold them their carpet. This works well when the company is reputable. It doesn’t work well sometimes, though.

What to look out for when you’re buying carpet and having it installed.

Here are some things to watch out for when you’re having your carpet installed:

If you’re having the carpet installed by the company you bought the carpet from, are the installers working for the company, or are they freelance? If the installers are freelance, what company do they work for?

  • Do your carpet installers warrantee their work? You always want work to have a warrantee or guarantee.
  • Are the installers insured? Never allow someone to work in or on your house that is not insured.
  • Are they members of the Better Business Bureau or represented in an industry group? Know who you’re dealing with.

It’s easy to “go with the flow” and get your carpet installed, but it’s better to make sure you’re getting quality carpet installation up front. It may save you a headache in the future!

To be safe, you could always contact us and get your carpet installed professionally. 😉

Denver Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants in our Denver-area showroomWhen carpet & flooring companies do a large project and have left-over carpet–brand new, never used carpet–they often sell the remaining carpet as “remnants.”

For large projects, carpeting companies may have lots of remnants of the same carpet.

Remnants are perfect for you if:

  • You don’t need much square footage of carpet
  • You want to re-carpet a single room, hallway, or small space
  • You want new, high-quality carpet at a drastically reduced price
  • You want carpet with a factory warranty

Let us know what you’re looking for; we have some of the best selection of Denver carpet remnants available.

Denver Carpet Repair: Things to Know

If you have extra carpet, you can have your carpet repaired

We need to have some of the original carpet in order to properly repair your carpet. It’s very hard (almost impossible) to match carpet.

If you don’t have any extra carpet, we can “borrow” some from a closet, then replace the closet’s carpet with as close a carpet as we can find.

Will the carpet repair patch be invisible?

A carpet repair sometimes is totally invisible. Other times, it is evident that there has been a repair. It depends on many factors, including the type of carpet, the location of carpet, and age of the carpet. Even if there has been no traffic on the replaced piece of carpet, the carpet color may have changed from exposure to the sun.

Short nap carpet seams are more visible than long-fiber carpets. Repairs on older carpet will show the seams more than new carpet repairs. When repairing looped carpet, the direction of the repair is important.

We offer many different types of Denver carpet repair

In this article, we have discussed carpet patching. Carpet patching is just one of the services we provide, including:

  • Carpet stretching
  • Carpet patching
  • Carpet burn repair
  • Carpet → floor transitions
  • Berber carpet repair
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Denver is Having Mud Season in January

With the warm weather we’ve been having in Denver, carpets are getting beaten up.

Denver carpets hate these feet!You don’t need LASIK to see the problem: you have two kids, three dogs, and your rug is starting to look three shades darker than it started. You have Denver weather all over your carpet.

1. Clean the carpet

We offer professional carpet cleaning services that will make your carpet look like new. Our steaming method removes 99.8% of all moisture after cleaning, so you can get back to enjoying your carpet immediately after we’re done.

2. Replace your carpet

Carpet cleaning is the obvious first choice…but cleaning can’t repair damaged carpet. Carpet fibers get frayed and carpet thins over time.

When you realize this, you’ll want to contact us for the best Denver carpet prices and carpet buying experience. Contact us today for a quote that includes a free carpet installation quote.

Spring mud is months early, so come see us about it!

If you want the most stain-resistant, high-tech, environmentally-friendly carpet (at the best prices in Denver), call us today.

Holiday-themed Christmas or Hanukkah Carpet? You bet!

The holidays are a great time for redesigning your rooms.

The holidays are a time for reflection, so reflect on how you’d like your living space to be in the next year.

  • Do you want new wall-to-wall carpet?
  • Do you want to upgrade to natural-fiber carpet made out of cotton or wool?
  • Care to save the environment using recycled-fiber carpet?

Some people like to go gung-ho with holiday decorations, so here are some great design options using carpet – specifically, carpet tile. Continue reading

Planning Your Carpet Installation in Denver

Denver Carpet InstallationIf you are planning on having carpet installed in your house or doing it yourself, there are a few obvious measurements and details, then there are the less obvious things to know.

Obvious carpet installation details

  • Square feet of
    • carpet
    • carpet pad/cushion
  • Linear feet of tack strip
  • Make sure you have the right tools

Less obvious carpet installation details

  • Is your floor squeaky? This can affect your sanity in the years to come. Once your carpet is up, you’re going to want to check for squeaks in your subfloor. Note: we do this for free when we install Denver carpet.
  • Make sure to vacuum and/or mop & dry (depending on the subfloor) to remove dust. Carpet can collect years of dust that settles below the carpet and carpet pad. When your carpet is pulled up, it is a rare opportunity to remove that dust. This can help with asthma, removing smells, and general cleanliness.
  • Paint the baseboard before putting it back. When you replace carpet, you’ll often encounter paint that is at the previous carpet level. Your new carpet won’t be the same height. Take the time to sand and paint your baseboards and you’ll be so much happier with the finished product.
  • If you get headaches after replacing your carpet, stay somewhere else for a few days and leave the windows cracked. New petroleum-based carpet can off-gas.

So when you are considering whether to hire professional Denver carpet installation or do it yourself, there are some tips to help you along the way.

Carpet Installation Tips – Installing Carpet Tiles

Why are carpet tiles such a hit in Denver? Seasonal damage control!

Carpet tiles are a big hit in Denver and around the country. One of the reasons that carpet tiles (or sometimes called “carpet squares”) are such a hit is because if you stain or damage your carpet, it’s simple to remove that one tile and replace it with a clean one. In Denver, where can snow six months of the year, it’s important to have a carpet that can handle that amount of debris.

Installing carpet tiles: good resources

If you’re interested in buying the carpet tiles from us, then installing them yourself, you’ll need to have some good information on how to do it. Here are some links you’ll find helpful:

A carpet installation tip that other sites don’t mention:

Before you start laying carpet tiles, draw your pattern on graph paper. If you’re interested, also draw the arrows that the tiles will be facing. This will give you a great guide that you can work off of, which is very helpful on complicated patterns!

Looking for Flor Carpet Tiles in Denver?

Flor modular carpet tiles are great.

Flor carpet tiles are an amazing tool: they can be used as wall-to-wall carpet or they can be used as area rugs. The patterns they come in are modern and inspired, and the ease with which they can be swapped out makes your flooring an accessory rather than a fixture.

Flor carpet in Denver is hard to find.

Finding Flor carpet tiles in Denver isn’t easy, however – Flor has three retail partners in Colorado: ModLivin’ is the only Flor carpet partner in Denver, but there’s also a partner in Glenwood Springs and in Telluride. A Flor representative recently mentioned that they will be opening a new Flor retail location in Denver in 2012.

What Flor doesn’t want you to know is that these retail partner options are also charging you more than you need to be paying. Because these options are flooring boutiques, the overhead is huge.

If you’re interested in better pricing for Flor, call us today.


A Down Economy Means Lower Denver Carpet Prices

Less carpet sold means better prices for carpet.

While Shaw Industries (of Shaw Carpet brand) plans layoffs and housing numbers continue to be down, the number of impacts from the recession continue to pile up.

One thing that has been piling up as well are discounts in carpet. Discounted carpet is a side effect of the over-supply of carpet and flooring options as the construction industry has been slow to rebound from the housing crisis since 2008.

Don’t confuse discounted carpet with cheap carpet. The carpet that’s available is from brands like Shaw, Mohawk, Stainmaster – all the best brands in the industry. Don’t settle for cheap carpet brands.

Feel free to negotiate – it’s a Denver carpet buyer’s market!

Denver prices for carpet are at historic lows, even with the prices of oil and cotton rising. Now is a great time not only to get good retail prices, but carpet buyers have more sway to set their desired prices and see who matches them.

If you’re considering carpet tiles or replacing existing carpet, now is the perfect time to get in touch with a Denver carpet dealer. Don’t wait until the housing market gets stronger – it will already be too late to get some of these great deals.