Underfoot Pleasure

Carpet is to be experienced

Photo by dno1967b

Photo by albaraa

With all the discussion of replacing carpet—with discussions about the buying, installing, and different warrantees—a basic thing gets lost: how does the carpet feel?

We recommend you take a large sample home of each type of carpet you’re considering, sit in your favorite chair, take off your shoes and socks, and place your bare feet on the carpet. Wiggle your toes. Rub them back and forth. Imagine rolling out of bed and stepping onto the soft sample. Imagine coming home from work and walking into your favorite room, all while supported by the carpet below you.

These are the little things that are, in fact, the most important when you’re buying carpet. Does the carpet feel like you want it to feel?

We want you to experience the carpet you buy from us. Carpet is more than numbers: it’s how it feels.