Why choose carpet remnants for your next carpet job?

It’s easy to think of remants as used carpet, but it’s not.

When you have a small space that you want carpet for—maybe an entryway, a closet, a small bedroom, etc.—it’s tempting to shop for carpet without considering the best option: use carpet remnants for the project instead.

Carpet remnants are new carpet that just happened not to fit a prior job. Another job bought more than they needed, and now you get to reap the benefits: 

  • Lower price
  • Brand new carpet
  • Did we already say cheaper? Because it is!

So when you’re looking for carpet remants in Denver, instead of calling the usual suspects, call us instead and ask about remnants. We’ll hook you up with the styling you’re looking for at a price that is far below what a new roll of carpet will cost you!

DIY Carpet Tile with Peel-And-Stick

Carpet tiles are a great DIY option.

It’s hard to find carpet companies that are able to install carpet during the pandemic. Carpet is not an “essential business”. That’s where peel-and-stick carpet tile comes in!

Peel-and-stick carpet tile

So you’re in Colorado and you’re wondering “don’t you need tools to install carpet?” The answer is no: not with peel-and-stick carpet tile.

Here’s how it works to install your own carpet:

  • Order carpet tile from us
  • We send you a box and instructions on how to install
  • You’re able to install your own carpet that looks great, is durable, and is covered by warranty.

This is why you need carpet tile right now. It’s the best time ever to choose to DIY when it comes to your flooring needs.

Cute dog on some Colorado carpet tile

We are the leader In Denver carpet because we care about your experience.

You have options. We’re one of them. We think you’ll like working with us.

When shopping for any of the “big” purchases for your home life—mattresses, cars, appliances, and carpet/tile—you’re going to hear a lot of noise. People will say anything to make the sale.

When you’re buying carpet or carpet tile, you have a limited number of items to consider when finding the right carpet:

  • Brand
  • Type, Fiber, Color, Treatment
  • Inventory / Date Available
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty

Once you find the right carpet, you have options! You’ll likely want to shop around to find the company you trust the most with the best price. They (hopefully we) will sell you the carpet, and likely install the carpet.

You’ll probably be able to purchase the exact carpet type you want from a few different vendors. So why choose us?

Our strength is our customer service, our selection, and our pricing, plain and simple.

If you want to purchase Flor carpet tiles, you have options, for example Coventry Carpets & Flooring. We’re not afraid to link to other providers because we know you’ll find the right solution for your budget and your preferred people to work with.

We believe you want a no-pressure, helpful environment. Our goal is to get you carpet on your floors, to walk barefoot and drag your feet because you love the feel of the plush carpet under foot. We want you to love your carpet, no matter what.

If you find the right carpet when you’re visiting our location, but you find the carpet cheaper, let us know. If we’re not able to match the price, we’ll help make sure that the company you work with has the correct details. Your carpet is about you.

On carpet installation day, you’ll want a person to call if you have any questions. We’re always available on that important day. If you change your mind (but that never happens, right?), you’ll have us to call. We are not a warehouse, we’re a family-owned business invested in your happiness.

Please get in touch, and let us help you find that perfect match. We’re here to help you.

Our site is fully SSL-encrypted

The NSA knows where your carpet will live.In 2016, we had an issue with our website—not everything is as simple as carpeting! We’re back now, and our collection of articles is ready for your perusal.

Even better: our site is now SSL-encrypted, which means that the NSA is going to have a harder time finding out that you want carpet tiles. Well, except they already know that because of your search history. Oh well, this site’s secure at least!

If you have any carpet questions, please give us a call! Everyone here has full carpet clearance! 🔓😉

Underfoot Pleasure

Carpet is to be experienced

Photo by dno1967b

Photo by albaraa

With all the discussion of replacing carpet—with discussions about the buying, installing, and different warrantees—a basic thing gets lost: how does the carpet feel?

We recommend you take a large sample home of each type of carpet you’re considering, sit in your favorite chair, take off your shoes and socks, and place your bare feet on the carpet. Wiggle your toes. Rub them back and forth. Imagine rolling out of bed and stepping onto the soft sample. Imagine coming home from work and walking into your favorite room, all while supported by the carpet below you.

These are the little things that are, in fact, the most important when you’re buying carpet. Does the carpet feel like you want it to feel?

We want you to experience the carpet you buy from us. Carpet is more than numbers: it’s how it feels.

Does your carpet smell? Here are some tips!

Denver carpet smell

Denver carpet may smell a bit better, because of the thinner air…?

When you’re having new carpet installed, one of the things to consider is the smell of the carpet  “offgassing.” Offgassing is what happens when the carpet is installed, and the new carpet, on a roll around stretched for the first time, releases some of the chemicals that were used to create it. Some people experience headaches and olfactory discomfort due to the smell.

What to do about smelly carpet

There are some different options to reduce odor in newly installed carpet. Here’s a list:

  1. Crack the windows
    Cracking the windows is a good first step: get some fresh air in there!
  2. Put a box fan in the window
    Increased circulation dissipates the odor.
  3. Sprinkle some baking soda around the carpet
    Baking soda is well known for absorbing scents – it also works for absorbing carpet smells! Sprinkle some baking soda around the carpet, then vacuum the next day.
  4. Be sheep-ish – get wool carpet
    Wool does not off-gas as much, because of the natural fibers of the wool. There’s still some off-gassing because of the glue in the carpet, but nowhere near synthetic fiber carpet.

Knowing where to look for carpet in Denver

Buying carpet can be a headache.

Take a friend with you to buy carpet in Denver.Finding the carpet for your space. Confirming that the warranty is the best available. Trusting the salespeople. Trusting installation. Knowing what you’re getting.

That’s why when you buy carpet with us, from our warehouse, you will be presented with all the information you need, and by non-pushy salespeople. We know you may want to shop around, and that’s fine: you won’t find a better offer for carpet anywhere in Colorado. We will win on price, quality, warranty, and installation. Continue reading

Summer Carpet Sales!

We’re having a carpet sale!

Site-wide, we’re offering discounts of up to 20% off our carpet: all of our carpet tiles, Stainmaster carpet, carpet remnants, and more.

Give us a call at (720) 443-3758 for the best prices for carpet in the entire Denver metro area.

Also, until August 30th 2013, we’re also providing $100 off Denver carpet installation – call now for details.

The Importance of Carpet Pads

The right carpet pad can make a huge difference in how much you like your carpet!

Buy Denver Carpet Padding

Photo by dno1967b

The most obvious reason you need a good carpet pad is because it feels nice under foot. A carpet pad can make a huge difference in how the carpet feels. You will love the soft feel of the carpet under foot with a nice carpet pad.

Sounds like a nice carpet pad!

When you’re walking around, there’s another benefit of carpet pads that other people in the house will love: sound dampening! Instead of your feet landing hard on the floor, the carpet pad will soften and diffuse the sound of your feet. Continue reading

Denver, Let’s Talk About the Stainmaster Carpet Warranty

Stainmaster® carpet is the stain master.

Did you know that Stainmaster® offers a limited lifetime warranty on their carpet?

Denver Stainmaster

One of the most stressful parts of owning carpet is stains. You have mud stains to worry about. Food, foot traffic, pets, and general life are all dirty things! Your carpet might get stained beyond carpet cleaning, and then you’d have to replace the carpet.

That is, if you want to have your carpet for your whole life.

Here’s what their warranty covers:

  • All food and beverage stains — no exclusions
  • Pet urine stains
  • Soiling
  • Static shock

as well as limited coverage on:

  • Abrasive wear caused by foot traffic
  • Texture loss due to carpet tufts losing their twist

For Stainmaster carpet in Denver, give us a call

With that many things covered, you can really rest easy about making your carpet choices: they only choice is the color, the style, and where you go for your carpeting needs. Give us a call at (720) 443-3758, and we know you’ll be happy with our quality service.