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DIY Carpet Tile with Peel-And-Stick

Carpet tiles are a great DIY option.

It’s hard to find carpet companies that are able to install carpet during the pandemic. Carpet is not an “essential business”. That’s where peel-and-stick carpet tile comes in!

Peel-and-stick carpet tile

So you’re in Colorado and you’re wondering “don’t you need tools to install carpet?” The answer is no: not with peel-and-stick carpet tile.

Here’s how it works to install your own carpet:

  • Order carpet tile from us
  • We send you a box and instructions on how to install
  • You’re able to install your own carpet that looks great, is durable, and is covered by warranty.

This is why you need carpet tile right now. It’s the best time ever to choose to DIY when it comes to your flooring needs.

Cute dog on some Colorado carpet tile

We are the leader In Denver carpet because we care about your experience.

You have options. We’re one of them. We think you’ll like working with us.

When shopping for any of the “big” purchases for your home life—mattresses, cars, appliances, and carpet/tile—you’re going to hear a lot of noise. People will say anything to make the sale.

When you’re buying carpet or carpet tile, you have a limited number of items to consider when finding the right carpet:

  • Brand
  • Type, Fiber, Color, Treatment
  • Inventory / Date Available
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty

Once you find the right carpet, you have options! You’ll likely want to shop around to find the company you trust the most with the best price. They (hopefully we) will sell you the carpet, and likely install the carpet.

You’ll probably be able to purchase the exact carpet type you want from a few different vendors. So why choose us?

Our strength is our customer service, our selection, and our pricing, plain and simple.

If you want to purchase Flor carpet tiles, you have options, for example Coventry Carpets & Flooring. We’re not afraid to link to other providers because we know you’ll find the right solution for your budget and your preferred people to work with.

We believe you want a no-pressure, helpful environment. Our goal is to get you carpet on your floors, to walk barefoot and drag your feet because you love the feel of the plush carpet under foot. We want you to love your carpet, no matter what.

If you find the right carpet when you’re visiting our location, but you find the carpet cheaper, let us know. If we’re not able to match the price, we’ll help make sure that the company you work with has the correct details. Your carpet is about you.

On carpet installation day, you’ll want a person to call if you have any questions. We’re always available on that important day. If you change your mind (but that never happens, right?), you’ll have us to call. We are not a warehouse, we’re a family-owned business invested in your happiness.

Please get in touch, and let us help you find that perfect match. We’re here to help you.

Carpet Installation Tips – Installing Carpet Tiles

Why are carpet tiles such a hit in Denver? Seasonal damage control!

Carpet tiles are a big hit in Denver and around the country. One of the reasons that carpet tiles (or sometimes called “carpet squares”) are such a hit is because if you stain or damage your carpet, it’s simple to remove that one tile and replace it with a clean one. In Denver, where can snow six months of the year, it’s important to have a carpet that can handle that amount of debris.

Installing carpet tiles: good resources

If you’re interested in buying the carpet tiles from us, then installing them yourself, you’ll need to have some good information on how to do it. Here are some links you’ll find helpful:

A carpet installation tip that other sites don’t mention:

Before you start laying carpet tiles, draw your pattern on graph paper. If you’re interested, also draw the arrows that the tiles will be facing. This will give you a great guide that you can work off of, which is very helpful on complicated patterns!

Looking for Flor Carpet Tiles in Denver?

Flor modular carpet tiles are great.

Flor carpet tiles are an amazing tool: they can be used as wall-to-wall carpet or they can be used as area rugs. The patterns they come in are modern and inspired, and the ease with which they can be swapped out makes your flooring an accessory rather than a fixture.

Flor carpet in Denver is hard to find.

Finding Flor carpet tiles in Denver isn’t easy, however – Flor has three retail partners in Colorado: ModLivin’ is the only Flor carpet partner in Denver, but there’s also a partner in Glenwood Springs and in Telluride. A Flor representative recently mentioned that they will be opening a new Flor retail location in Denver in 2012.

What Flor doesn’t want you to know is that these retail partner options are also charging you more than you need to be paying. Because these options are flooring boutiques, the overhead is huge.

If you’re interested in better pricing for Flor, call us today.