Looking for Flor Carpet Tiles in Denver?

Flor modular carpet tiles are great.

Flor carpet tiles are an amazing tool: they can be used as wall-to-wall carpet or they can be used as area rugs. The patterns they come in are modern and inspired, and the ease with which they can be swapped out makes your flooring an accessory rather than a fixture.

Flor carpet in Denver is hard to find.

Finding Flor carpet tiles in Denver isn’t easy, however – Flor has three retail partners in Colorado: ModLivin’ is the only Flor carpet partner in Denver, but there’s also a partner in Glenwood Springs and in Telluride. A Flor representative recently mentioned that they will be opening a new Flor retail location in Denver in 2012.

What Flor doesn’t want you to know is that these retail partner options are also charging you more than you need to be paying. Because these options are flooring boutiques, the overhead is huge.

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