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Shaw Carpet in Denver – Low Price & Great Installation

There are over 100 buying options for Denver Shaw carpet.

We match the best prices. We win with our customer service and installation quality.

Shaw Carpet in Denver

When shopping for Shaw carpet in Denver, you’ll find the standard options: Carpet Exchange, The Home Depot, and some “discount carpet” outlets. Do a search, you’ll see.

But when shopping for Shaw carpet, you want the people who will not only get you the best prices on Shaw carpet in Denver, but also the best service, and — perhaps most important — the best installation.

Top-quality Shaw carpet installation is vital.

No matter how well a carpet is constructed (and Shaw is some of the best!), if it’s installed improperly, the life of the carpet will be dramatically reduced. We guarantee our installation of Shaw carpet for years. If you have any issues, we will fix it for free. We do it right the first time, though, so you won’t have any issues to fix!

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Shaw Carpet Recycling: Creating a “Cradle to Cradle” Flooring Solution

Shaw Industries considers itself a leader in environmentally friendly carpet. They are promoting “cradle to cradle” “closed-loop” cycle, allowing carpet to be recycled after their useful life.

Shaw wants their old carpet to become new products through recycling, rather than ending up in a landfill.

Recycling carpet is common sense for industry and for Shaw carpets. They take “post-consumer carpet” and convert it unto virgin nylon. The quality of the carpet and nylon is identical to first-use nylon.

Shaw recycles 100 million pounds of post-consumer carpet.

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