Before you buy carpet, you should look for these two things…

Carpet buying is all about the fibers.

When you buy carpet — in Denver or elsewhere — you are buying a grid of twisted fibers; carpet is simply an accumulation of fibers twisted together. The quality of the fibers and the number of times the fibers have been twisted will make a huge difference in the longevity, comfort, look and feel of the carpet.

When looking for durability, think of each carpet fiber like a metal spring

Carpet fibers are kind of like springs; the more twists they have, the more resistance when pressed upon. When you look for carpet and you want durability, then you look for the carpet with the strands that have been twisted the most.

One way you can tell whether a carpet has good “springs” is to walk on it. If you see any footprint indentation left in the carpet, that means that there’s not much life in the carpet.

All carpet fibers are not created equal…hold no punches!

Take your heel and drag hard along the carpet. Do this at least 30 times, until you get tired. Does the carpet swatch look different? If so, the carpet will not last long; move on to the next one.

When you’re testing carpet, don’t be afraid to be tough on the sample swatches: this is your one chance to make sure it’s good quality! The swatches are free for the dealers, so give them your best shot.

You know how you can tell cheap plastic from good plastic? It feels different — when you have cheap plastic, you know it’ll not last long and will fall apart after little use. With carpet, it’s much harder to tell what the quality of the plastic is. These types of tests are the only way you will be able to tell what the right carpet is for you.