DIY Carpet Tile with Peel-And-Stick

Carpet tiles are a great DIY option.

It’s hard to find carpet companies that are able to install carpet during the pandemic. Carpet is not an “essential business”. That’s where peel-and-stick carpet tile comes in!

Peel-and-stick carpet tile

So you’re in Colorado and you’re wondering “don’t you need tools to install carpet?” The answer is no: not with peel-and-stick carpet tile.

Here’s how it works to install your own carpet:

  • Order carpet tile from us
  • We send you a box and instructions on how to install
  • You’re able to install your own carpet that looks great, is durable, and is covered by warranty.

This is why you need carpet tile right now. It’s the best time ever to choose to DIY when it comes to your flooring needs.