Holiday-themed Christmas or Hanukkah Carpet? You bet!

The holidays are a great time for redesigning your rooms.

The holidays are a time for reflection, so reflect on how you’d like your living space to be in the next year.

  • Do you want new wall-to-wall carpet?
  • Do you want to upgrade to natural-fiber carpet made out of cotton or wool?
  • Care to save the environment using recycled-fiber carpet?

Some people like to go gung-ho with holiday decorations, so here are some great design options using carpet – specifically, carpet tile.

A Christmas Rug Design Pattern

What could be more fun than a Christmas rug or carpet? Seasonal rugs are very festive, and with Denver carpet tiles, it’s possible!

A Hanukkah Carpet Design

Hanukkah Carpet Design

Wow, you never thought you’d see a menorah made out of carpet tiles, did you?

Even if you choose not to change your flooring, we hope you have a great holiday season. Have fun, stay safe, and a may you each have a blessed new year!